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IoT & Data Science

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Hi! I’m Gabor.

I'm an aspiring hardware hacker at Google Taiwan. My main interests are IoT, data visualization, ML and building software with a positive impact. I was set on this path in high school in Hungary when I received a generous grant to study Computer Science at New York University Abu Dhabi.

My Projects


Mozilla Creative Media Awards

Machine Learning - PIXI.js - JS - UX - SPARQL

I'm project manager and data scientist of a web-based interactive educational game to teach future policy makers where algorithmic bias in AI systems stems from and why accountability matters. After spending countless weekends on the project, my 3 passionate ex-classmates and I received the Creative Media Awards $25 000 price and the support of Mozilla to develop and distribute the project.


Machine Learning Workshops

Sklearn - Python - Jupyter - Pandas

The workshop is part of a series of Interactive Media workshops at New York University Abu Dhabi and all materials are free to use. After spending so much time studying machine learning, I thought it was high time to give back to the community that helped me develop personally. As a result, I designed a workshop to help students understand machine learning, automation and training data bias.


Gender & Ethnicity Bias

Tensorflow - Jupyter - Linux - OpenCV

Quantifying the glass ceiling for ethnicities and genders in corporate structures. Together with a researcher from Princeton, we are trying to determine statistically how much harder it is to climb the corporate ladder for minorities. The project applies Deep Learning to reconstruct corporate structure from job titles and to predict gender and ethnicity from noisy labels. The resulting paper is currently under review.


Seal Project

D3JS - Node - Google Maps API

Started as a class project, but after going beyond the class requirements with this D3JS visualization, it ended up as a research project with the Center for Sea Level Change. Our dataset is collected by tags put on seals, and I designed a visualization that breaks down the 3D temporal information into 3 views.


Drone Design Challenge

PCAL - C - Raspberry Pi - Linux - CloudCompare

Won funding on the Lockheed Martin Drone Design Challenge to realize our idea to 3D map glaciers using a lidar device put on a drone. After building a team of 5 students, my task was researching the lidar market, designing the data pipeline and visualizing the resulting point cloud. Read more about the design in our proposal. Our goal is to help scientist understand the motion of glaciers.



Node - Javascript - Twilio - Google OAuth - MongoDB

Mytorch.tech offers a conflict resolution method to the legal gray area of substance abuses in the UAE. The app opens communication channels to resolve conflicts by contacting the person in charge appropriate to the situation in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.


Visual Gender Bias Experiment

Chrome Extensions - Node - Linux - Tensorflow - D3JS

Building on the results from the Gender Ethnicity project, I created a Chrome Extension to compare the number of male/female faces that people are presented with during a regular browsing session. Click here to check out the results of analyzing my browsing habits for 1 month!


Interactive Websites

Angular 2 - Ionic 2 - WebAudio API - Instagram API - Google Maps API - Twitter API - ThreeJS - SocketIO - CouchDB - P5 - ToneJS - Arduino - D3 - Twilio

The web holds countless opportunities to create web applications that leverage public data and digital services from a wide range of existing web products. I have played around with APIs and user experiences to design captivating websites. Check out the very first website I ever created.



Ionic Framework - AngularJS - SQLite

This is a selfish project. When I moved a foreign language environment, I met countless new words that I wanted to learn myself. First, I wrote them on pieces of papers, but I kept losing them. I wished there had been an app to store the words electronically… Then I realized I’m a CS major, why not make one for myself?!? I was introduced at a Hackathon in Shanghai to Hybrid Apps and I wanted to give them a try.


Game Design

I like to have fun while I’m learning and the easiest way to do so is to design games. My very first program was a copy of the Snake game that I used to play on my Dad’s Nokia. I also created a 2D Creativity Puzzle Game, that requires some brain power and the demolishment of mental walls to solve. In my Software Engineering class we learnt about the Factory, Singleton, Decorator, etc patterns by creating board games.


Visual & Computational Design

People decide whether to buy/use/watch a product in 3 seconds. Coders have to acknowledge that humans are visual mammals who judge by the looks, and use that to create the best experiences. I contributed to logo, printout, website designs and a marketing campaign for the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. However, my specialty lies in computational and AI art. Also, check out my favorite photographs here.

Work Experience


Software Engineer at Google

Taipei - October 2019 - present

Designing and productioning Google Nest smart home IoT devices including smart thermostats, ML powered security cameras and voice assistant speakers.


Software Engineer at Goldman Sachs

London - July 2018 - August 2019

Re-engineering the live intraday risk pipeline of Goldman Sachs as part of a global team. Migrating the system to a micro services architecture to increase scalability and maintainability. The solution manages millions of trades every day and reduces lag from 2 minutes to seconds. The data pipeline is built using Kubernetes, Gitlab, Hazelcast and Java.


Financial Data Science Intern at SVL

Scotland - Summer 2017 - 3 months

My previous internships inspired me to reach out to the first responsible financial consulting firm, SocioVestix Lab to learn more about sustainable startups. Proposed and built a PDF extraction and language processing application cutting down data collection efforts from 2 months to 1 week.


Data Vis Designer at CSLC

Fall 2016 - 6 months

Approached the Center for Sea Level Change looking for project ideas for a class. Designed the first successful visualization of a unique dataset of 300,000 salinity, temperature and depth data points collected by tags put on seals in fjords of Greenland using D3JS. As a result, I joined an expedition to Greenland and I’m designing a drone LiDAR payload to 3D map glaciers.


Software Engineer at CTED

Ghana and Abu Dhabi - Summer 2016 - 4 months

Joined the Center for Technology and Economic Development to research novel ways, in which technology can create economic development in Africa. Prototyped an SMS-based taxi app on Android with the potential to provide 21 st century service in rural regions. Extended a road network analyzing program using NodeJS and socket.io in a team of 5 to battle shortages in Ghana.


Webdesigner at BlitzBringer

Frankfurt - Summer 2015 - 3 months

Blitzbringer is a startup in Frankfurt, Germany working on a crowdsourced delivery service. I learnt a lot about web design, business, marketing while designing the company's website, but the real learning outcomes were about life. I moved to a completely new city with zero help, zero people I knew and zero money and I had find a way to make the most out of what I had, which was a pleasant challenge.



Since Fall 2014

Many people need websites to showcase their works or to market themselves online. However, many of them don’t know how to make a good website, and that’s what I’m trying to help with. I created two art archives and internal news portal for a department at NYUAD. Working on these projects taught me how to deal with clients with little knowledge about tech, and helped me develop my project management habits.







Machine Learning


Data Vis









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